Votes for Expat Brits
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Other countries do it, why don't we?
Good question! Why don’t we? Just as, over the years, the UK has gradually widened the
definition of who is allowed to vote, by lowering the minimum voting age from 25 to 21 to 18,
and giving the vote to non-landowners and women, so most advanced democracies have
done likewise.
But most advanced democracies have also recognized their own expat populations by
giving them an unrestricted right to vote in national elections. France’s expats gained
Spanish and Portuguese expats gained their right to participate in the political affairs
of their home country when they emerged from dictatorship. Italian expats gained theirs
in 2000.
The UK’s current clumsy, arbitrary arrangements originally date from 1985, and were
fumbled and fiddled with, arbitrarily and for no good reason, in 1989, 2000 and 2002.
It is high time the government put an end to the fiddling and fumbling, and brought its
electoral legislation up to the standard enjoyed by the world’s leading democracies, as
has been recommended time and time again by international bodies such as the