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Media buzz about denying British expats the right to vote
All we want is the right to vote in elections.
Read here how Justin Parkinson of the BBC reported Mr Shindler’s
application to the ECHR.

We want to cast our votes, too.

Read here an article in the Daily Telegraph by Sir Dick Pantlin, the Founder,
Past Chairman and Honorary President of the British School of Brussels.
Sir Dick Pantlin is also the Founder, Honorary President and Past Chairman
of the Council of British Independent Schools in the EU and of the Council of
British Chambers of Commerce in Continental Europe.

One man, no vote.

Read here Gareth Harding’s article “One man, no vote” from the Wall
Street Journal Europe.

Deprived of his democratic rights.

Read here James Walston’s article about the Harry Shindler case, which
appeared in Wanted In Rome.

The muzzled British diaspora in the EU.

Read here Romano Subiotto’s article published in European Voice in which
he explains how the disenfranchisement of Britons who have lived abroad for
a long time runs counter to history, logic and the EU Treaty.

It affects a million Irish citizens living abroad, too.


Read here  Noreen Bowden’s article from Global Irish, in which she suggests
that an Irish citizen, disenfranchised in a similar way to James Preston, could
surely make a case on the same basis.


An MP for the Costa del Sol?


Read here  Giles Tremlett’s article in The Guardian in which he contrasts the
disenfranchisement of British expats with France’s 11 parliamentary seats
representing French expats throughout the world.





Why expats should be able to keep their votes.

Anita Rieu-Sicart, Editor of the Var Village Voice (France) writes here about British citizens
now resident in France and elsewhere who after 15 years have lost their right to vote in the UK
More British look set to become expats in future.
Ian Cowie of The Daily Telegraph explores a growing phenomenon here.

After Hitler in Italy, ex-serviceman Harry Shindler takes on the UK government
Nick Pisa reports here on the challenge to the governement from Harry Shindler, a 90-year-old
Second World War veteran living in Italy who has taken his case to the European Court of Human
Rights in Strasbourg

One rule for us, another for them.

Paul Rees points out here that all expat citizens, not just Government and Civil Service
employees, should be able to participate fully in the political process in their home country,
through unrestricted voting rights in national elections, as in other advanced democracies.

We’re at an important fork in the road of the history of democracy
says Brian Cave here, pointing out that the communication revolution has shrunk the world, and
British citizens from Australia to London are equally aware of what happens in Britain.
No British citizen can be unaware or unaffected.

Irish elections: Irish expats can’t vote either.
It’s even worse for our Irish cousins, as Denis Fitzgerald explains here
British government promises a "really radical look at voting for overseas residents"
French newspaper for British expats The Connexion reports here how Lord McNally (Lib Dem)
of the Ministry of Justice, will give his "very strong endorsement" for action on expat voting rights
"early in this parliament".

Expats deserve more voting rights

The July 2011 of French newspaper for British expats reports here on what expat Brits on the
ground feel about voting rights.
British expats demand the right to vote.
The campaign wants the millions of British expatriates worldwide
to lobby the UK Government on the issue of enfranchisement, writes George Prior on the
British-expats-in-Spain news website SUR in English here.

Now is the time to act, lobby, campaign and sign up

say Brian Cave of the action group Pensioners Debout and Anita Rieu-Sicart, Editor of
Var Village Voice in France here. 

Harry Shindler, ever a fighter since the Anzio Beachhead in 1944.
James Walston of Wanted in Rome recounts the amazing story of Harry Shindler
(WW2 liberator of Italy, and now a fighter for British expat voting rights).
Read his story here