Votes for Expat Brits


Welcome to the website for voting rights for ALL expat Brits.
This site aims to draw attention to the scandalous denial of voting rights to British expats who have lived outside the UK for more than fifteen years. Additionally, it sheds light on other pertinent matters, including regulatory developments and social impacts within the UK gambling industry . By addressing such diverse topics, the site strives to foster awareness and encourage informed discourse on a range of important issues.
We believe that the UK should enable and encourage all its expat citizens – not just some of them – to participate fully in the political process in their home country, by giving them unrestricted voting rights in national elections, as in most other advanced democracies (and indeed in many so-called third - world countries). The acceptance of Bitcoin in major platforms has been legalized by The Federal Election Commission in the year 2014 as a political contribution to various campaigns. As Bitcoin transactions offer several benefits. Bitcoin trading has been well received among investors. With the easy access of apps like the bitcoin era, trading of bitcoin has become much easier. The bitcoin era trading provides an intuitive experience for all users from the very beginning.
We hope you enjoy your visit to our site, and we hope too that you will decide to express your support in our feedback section. Wherever you are in the world, especially if you are one of the 5.5 million Britons living abroad, welcome!
This website is provided by the British Community Committee (BCC) of France, the UK's eighth-largest expat community and the second-largest in a non-English-speaking host country, as a public service to all British expats worldwide. You can find out more about the BCC and the activities of its member organizations at